Enterprise App Building Software

Cloud-Based App Platform, private and public cloud options

The app states that you get the speed of drag and drop with the power of JavaScript. Easily connect to 3rd party APIs such as with visual data binding. Build iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile apps. AOI plug-ins for enterprise systems and cloud services.
Enterprise grade security with a user-friendly back end. The tool plugs into . The tool touts instant app testing as a differentiator.

So who uses the Tool? You’re in good company with large companies like AT&T, ESPN and Samsung adopting the platform for their custom apps.

Check out the 5 minute getting started video services

Developed by a company called Exadel which is a software development engineering firm.
They also have expert developers available to provide assistance or join your team for specific projects. Reviews

Not much functions available in the free version

Even though there is a free plan being provided by, it is not of much use as the functionalities included in the free version are limited.

No support for live chat

Developers would appreciate it greatly if there was a live chat support available so that they would be able to chat with their peers to solve any queries or problems that might arise. However, does not include a live chat support.

Customer Support not up to the mark
The customer service and support of is not all that great and users have complained about how poor it is. Even in cases of minor problems, takes days together to rectify it.

Comes with a simple drag and drop feature makes use of a cloud based drag and drop platform using which you can build an attractive app without much effort involved. There is support for other features to be added by making use of the API plugins that are available.

Support for multiple OS Devices